Welcome to the Gold Bar - Auckland Gold Recyclers.

As a Precious Metal Recycler - we pay cash for all old, broken, damaged and simply unwanted gold, silver and platinum.

Bring your jewellery, silverware, coins or any other items of gold, silver or platinum into one of our locations and one of our consultants will assess its value for you. The Gold Bar does not buy any items that are only plated with gold or silver.

You can find The Gold Bar at 4 locations around Auckland - we would welcome the opportunity to assess your gold, silver or platinum.

You should be aware that before the Gold Bar will offer to purchase any gold, silver or platinum items from you we will need to test each item to confirm it is indeed gold, silver or platinum and conforms to any markings on the item. If the markings and test results do not correspond we will base our offer to you on our test results. We may test an item in more than one place.

We pay the relevant gold, silver or platinum rate for any small stones or inserts. We may adjust the price we offer you if your item contains large stones or inserts to make an allowance for their weight.

We offer a free assessment service. If you are not sure if an item is made of precious metal or not then just bring it in to one of our locations and one of our consultants will assess it free of charge. Just because an item is not marked as gold, silver or platinum doesn’t mean it isn’t, so don’t delay, come into one of our locations today.

We employ friendly people and we train them well. We have strong relationships with our partners and we do our best to keep our overheads low so that we can offer you a really good price for your precious metal. We are an established, old fashioned kind of business, owned and operated by New Zealanders, underpinned by values and aiming to deliver a positive experience for every customer at every visit.

Latest News:

Can’t get to one of our locations? Then call us and we will arrange a home visit. We offer this service for customers who are genuinely unable to attend one of our locations.

Here’s what you can expect when you visit one of our locations:
Excellent, friendly and professional customer service and a really good price for your precious metal item(s) so you go away feeling really positive about the experience of doing business with us.